What I Learned from Struggling Financially

It seems financial struggle is common amongst most people I meet these days. There was a time when I used to live pay to pay and it seemed that no matter what I earned it was never enough to get ahead, nor was it enough to stop the stress and worry about life and my […]

How to Improve Your Wealth as a Couple

We all know that being in a relationship is hard work and involves good communication, flexibility and a willingness to grow and learn from each other. One of the biggest challenges in a relationship comes down to money and wealth creation as a couple. Over the years I have noticed for many there is a […]

All or nothing? It usually means nothing or poor results

Are you one of those all or nothing people? I used to be until I found out my all or nothing mentality caused me to self-sabotage and self-destruct.   Here is why…   The all or nothing mentality is usually confined to those with high expectations in life. This means one of two things.   […]

Why improving your health can feel almost impossible

In the age of rapid weight loss, fast food and overnight success most people buy into the ideal that fast results equal instant happiness.   How many times have you heard, “If I just win the lottery, then I’ll be happy”. “If I just lose a few kilos, then I’ll be happy”. “If I just […]

Is trying to improve your health killing your self worth?

Improving your health can be a challenge, but is it killing your self worth?   Most people start their health journey to impress others or to feel accepted by others. Not truly because it is part of their life purpose, life mission or matches their highest values. This is usually self evident when the person […]

Common mistakes most people make when trying to improve their health.

For most people, spring is the time where they look in the mirror and think…… “Oh S#$t! What happened over winter!”   Their clothes don’t fit, They notice that it’s time to start taking off their winter woollies, which reveals their bad health habits over winter and has resulted in an unhealthy winter body with […]

Why “Selfish” People Are Happier & More Successful

Being selfish is wrong, right? It’s what most of us are taught as children. But, what if being selfish is actually one of the key ingredients to success? The path to success and achieving our goals and dreams is often challenging and takes hard work, energy, dedication and focus. It isn’t always easy. It’s also […]