Why people that know their self-worth are resilient..

Self-worth is created by establishing your personal values, life purpose and mission. It enables you to face obstacles and challenges in life and still stay focused on your short-term and long-term goals and lead a life of purpose. People who fail to know their self-worth lose their identity as a person. They live a life […]

Is trying to improve your health killing your self worth?

Improving your health can be a challenge, but is it killing your self worth?   Most people start their health journey to impress others or to feel accepted by others. Not truly because it is part of their life purpose, life mission or matches their highest values. This is usually self evident when the person […]

Common mistakes most people make when trying to improve their health.

For most people, spring is the time where they look in the mirror and think…… “Oh S#$t! What happened over winter!”   Their clothes don’t fit, They notice that it’s time to start taking off their winter woollies, which reveals their bad health habits over winter and has resulted in an unhealthy winter body with […]