Burnout is usually caused from the creation of unrealistic expectations of yourself and / or others.


High expectations are important to keep pushing yourself to achieve great results in life yet unrealistic expectations based on the opinions of others, fantasies about how life “should” be, expecting yourself and others live outside of their value system, unrealistic time frames for achievements etc can all lead to excessive pressure.


Excessive pressure can cause some to melt down and avoid work and others to over work.

Over time both will feel burned out.


Some key tips to avoid burnout

  1. Know your values and their priority order
  2. Live your highest values
  3. Create realistic time frames for outcomes based on current skill set and knowledge
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Eat good quality, natural foods where possible
  6. Reduce sugar and highly processed or refined foods
  7. Know how much sleep you personally need each night and get it
  8. Take time to learn and understand the values systems of those around you
  9. Take time to actively focus on your breathing daily
  10. Balance your emotions


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