If YOU’RE TRYING to make others happy at the expense of yourself then you have become a MARTYR.

The bomb of the western martyr does not go off in an instant. It SLOWLY KILLS you day by day as your self worth diminishes along with your mental and emotional health.

The irrational IDEAL the western martyr lives by and preaches is that by GIVING UP on their own worth and value by serving others will allow them to be seen as a good person and that it some how serves others.

The western martyr thinks that by living a s&!t mental and emotional existence and gaining physical abundance that their salvation comes from the appreciation, respect and praise of others.

The western martyr thinks that by giving up on everything that is important to them and focusing on being a good person to others that their ignorance towards their own greatness, self respect and self love will somehow be rewarded at a later date.



  • In life you can never give anything more than you have within yourself.
  • Nothing outside of yourself will quench the voids that are within yourself, including your love, happiness, respect etc.
  • People follow what you do and how you behave NOT by what you tell them to do hence, giving away your self worth in trying to make others happy at your expense, is not only making you miserable but has created a culture of lost, unhappy and miserable people who think that this way of life is normal.
  • No physical object will bring lasting fulfilment within unless you already have fulfilment within.
  • There is a very fine line between HELPING someone else and making them HELPLESS. Often challenging someone is more beneficial for their future than supporting them in the moment.
  • Until you find your values, purpose and mission in life, goals will bring short-lived superficial happiness but will lead to long-term misery.



If you want to help others, then lead the way by showing others how to live an extraordinary life. Lead by example. Don’t become a martyr.

Get clear on who you are (your life purpose, life mission and your unique values) so that you are consistently fulfilled in your daily actions, not waiting for another achievement in order for others to tell you how good you are, smart you are, how well you are doing or what a nice person you are.

Know thyself so that you can be thyself so that you can love thyself and hence love others.

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