Do you love what you do? Or do you spend the money you make, trying to feel free?

I have met and personally coached many financially wealthy people but I AM YET TO MEET anyone who is FINANCIALLY FREE.

Here are a few differences I have noticed with those who are financially abundant versus those who struggle or live week to week:

  • Those who do what they love by living their values, life mission and life purpose love what they do, hence they don’t try to avoid hard work. In fact they crave it. They love it.
  • The bigger the person’s goals, mission and purpose the more responsibilities they have which also keeps them trapped.
  • Only people who live incongruently with their own individual values want to escape challenge and crave freedom.
  • Most of those who live incongruently with their values believe that money will change their life and allow them to stop feeling trapped or stuck. Those with money know that the more you make, the responsibilities you have and things only become more challenging.

The feeling of freedom comes from living your own unique values.

Money is not good or evil. It is just a transfer of agreed value. The price of money is the same as that on the bill or coin, but the idea of how much that is worth is different to each individual ($1000 is a lot of money to some but not to everyone).

The more money a person makes the higher their expectation and the more they tend to spend (In most cases).

Money does not solve problems. It is an amplifier.

  • If a person does not manage a little bit of money well, chances are they will not manage large sums of money well.
  • If a person is irresponsible with a little money, they will be irresponsible with large sums of money.
  • If a person spends what little money they have, chances are they will spend large sums of money and end up with nothing.

Money needs to be created, managed and distributed in order to become financially independent. This starts by learning how to do it with small amounts first, which will increase over time.

If you plan to spend your life creating wealth, it is essential to love what you do or you will spend your time trying to escape by spending what you earn.

GET CLEAR WITH YOUR LIFE and money will amplify your experience.

“It’s your time to thrive”

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