How to live up to your own standards

As a kid I always DREAMED of living on the beach in a big house YET I was told I had to do well at school, so I could get a good job to be able to afford a nice house. (I struggled through most subjects in school.  A’s were rare and C’s were acceptable.)

As a kid I dreamed of meeting and learning from the smartest people in their chosen fields, YET I was made to feel dumb by being placed in special classes, told I had learning difficulties and ADD.

At school I was told I talked too much and spent many days sitting outside the classroom as I challenged conventional thinking and led others to do the same, especially if I couldn’t see what was being taught as having a practical application in life or lacked common sense.

As a kid I struggled to fit in. I was friendly with most yet never felt part of a group or invited to social gathering (until grade 11-12). Most school holidays I would sit at home watching documentaries, sports, re-runs of police academy or painting model planes.

TODAY I am able to be the person I was born to be. Not because I was the smartest, had the best grades, was the coolest, had the richest parents or even had great support.

I did it because I stayed focused on what I knew I could be. Not what everyone else wanted or thought I should be.

It made me develop an inner strength and ability to rely on myself.

Sometimes a hard past is the best for a great future.

Sometimes learning to rely on yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself is far better than having others believe in you.

Sometimes accepting yourself for who you are is far more important than having others accept who you are.

Sometimes you just have to say F&$k IT and do what is right for you as you are the only one who knows if you are living up to your own life standards HENCE you will also be the person who LOVE and accepts you or HATES you more than anyone else.

LIVE UP TO YOUR OWN STANDARDS and F&$K what other people think of you. Worry about what you think of you.

Are you living up to your own life standards??



“It’s your time to thrive”

The Mojo Master

Why you need to STOP trying to make other people happy

If YOU’RE TRYING to make others happy at the expense of yourself then you have become a MARTYR.

The bomb of the western martyr does not go off in an instant. It SLOWLY KILLS you day by day as your self worth diminishes along with your mental and emotional health.

The irrational IDEAL the western martyr lives by and preaches is that by GIVING UP on their own worth and value by serving others will allow them to be seen as a good person and that it some how serves others.

The western martyr thinks that by living a s&!t mental and emotional existence and gaining physical abundance that their salvation comes from the appreciation, respect and praise of others.

The western martyr thinks that by giving up on everything that is important to them and focusing on being a good person to others that their ignorance towards their own greatness, self respect and self love will somehow be rewarded at a later date.



  • In life you can never give anything more than you have within yourself.
  • Nothing outside of yourself will quench the voids that are within yourself, including your love, happiness, respect etc.
  • People follow what you do and how you behave NOT by what you tell them to do hence, giving away your self worth in trying to make others happy at your expense, is not only making you miserable but has created a culture of lost, unhappy and miserable people who think that this way of life is normal.
  • No physical object will bring lasting fulfilment within unless you already have fulfilment within.
  • There is a very fine line between HELPING someone else and making them HELPLESS. Often challenging someone is more beneficial for their future than supporting them in the moment.
  • Until you find your values, purpose and mission in life, goals will bring short-lived superficial happiness but will lead to long-term misery.



If you want to help others, then lead the way by showing others how to live an extraordinary life. Lead by example. Don’t become a martyr.

Get clear on who you are (your life purpose, life mission and your unique values) so that you are consistently fulfilled in your daily actions, not waiting for another achievement in order for others to tell you how good you are, smart you are, how well you are doing or what a nice person you are.

Know thyself so that you can be thyself so that you can love thyself and hence love others.

How to break free from the nightmare of worry

Most people have been CONDITIONED to worry about the small things or things they cannot control or influence. Giving away their power to focus on the big thing that they can influence or control.

If your life seems OUT OF CONTROL write a list of all the things that you are worried about and then categorise those worries into:

1.) things you can directly control,
2.) things you can influence,
3.) things you cannot control or influence directly.

  • FOCUS on number 1 first.
  • Followed by number 2 (Only after all of your level 1 worries have been resolved)
  • And finally……. FORGET about number 3 as it’s a waste of your time, energy and effort.

If a person continues to worry about things they cannot CONTROL (usually things within themselves) or the things they cannot INFLUENCE (others)… then they are wasting their life, due to a conditioning where most think that worrying or complaining about something will change it.

In most cases it won’t, as the responsibility for that problem is outside of the person with the worry. This is one of the fastest ways to become disempowered, lower your self worth and cultivate a angry self righteous persona.

It’s not worth it!

Control yourself,
Influence others,
And forget about things you cannot control or influence because, if you don’t, they will become a living nightmare.

How to build self-worth from the inside out

Most of our society is HELL BENT on changing everything outside of the individual in order to make the individual feel happy, worthy, confident.

IT’S ALL BULLS&&t and only works in the case of those disempowered individuals within our society.


Nothing outside of you will ever make you feel worthy, happy, grateful, respected, adequate, equal etc. within.

The only way a person will feel like they are enough (in this world of 7 billion people with different beliefs, religions, upbringing, ideas, ideals, philosophies etc.) is to build SELF WORTH AND SELF LOVE. That will never come from changing the outside world to make others feel enough.

It only comes from those with the courage to come up against their own fears, worries, lack of confidence, lack of worth and self-judgements.

The idea of the world or society changing to protect everyone else will only lead down the same path that is already travelled especially in the areas of mental and emotional health and strength.

It’s time for society to stop trying to make everyone fit into what everyone else wants. It’s time to celebrate INDIVIDUALISM and teach people to stop worrying about what others have that you don’t. Comparison is what is destroying people’s self worth and courage.

It’s time to STOP putting children into a system where they are judged on their ability to FIT IN to the system where they spend most of their schooling years being graded on being the best at fitting in and thinking like everyone else wants them to think.

It’s time to celebrate both men and women for their individualisms, not causing both sexes to compare what they do and do not have. Both are uniquely individual just as every person in our society is amazingly unique.

It’s time to STOP teaching people that if we are insecure and complain enough that society will change to protect those with insecurities.

IT’S TIME to teach that, in order to develop self worth and self love, a person has to come up against their own individual thoughts and emotions no matter how F&$ked a person may think they are. This is called self-empowerment.

IT’S TIME to teach people that mistakes and failure is part of life and that, in order to find balance in life, we have to keep pushing and testing our own boundaries through both success and failure.

Each one of us has an individual choice.

If the individual builds their strength through coming up against their own challenges and lifting the weights that life throws at us then that individual gets stronger and hence builds self worth.

If everyone tries to HELP others by removing the weight that life gives, many think they are helping the individual when in fact they are making that person HELPLESS and decreasing their ability to create self worth, self belief, courage and confidence.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support those who face challenge.
Like a spotter at the gym it is important that if a person is having a challenge lifting the weight of life that others are there for support, but like the spotter at the gym, they do not lift the weight for others unless it is about to crush them and only then do they remove slight pressure as it is essential in order to gain strength you must lift your own weight.

Challenge and support need to be given in balanced amounts in order to gain strength.

It is also essential to teach individuals that nothing on the outside will ever make an individual feel enough.

It’s time to STOP people in our society, who are afraid of saving themselves, trying to save others and teach them the greatest gift a person can give to another human… the INSPIRATION to be themselves and to love themselves. The only way that is done is when an individual heals their own inner wounds and demons and turns their own weaknesses into strengths.

3 Steps to feel great about being you!

Always remember to feel great about being you.

If you don’t believe in you, what you do and what you stand for, then who will?


  1. You are unique; you are special and you friggen Rock!

Stop trying to fit in and please others. Instead stand out and please yourself, by adding value to the lives of others.


  1. You have a gift, just like we all do. Find it and let it shine.

It is impossible to see your gift while you are looking at the gifts others have, wishing you were the same. That only dulls the light you have within.

The truth is: I can’t spell that well. I swear too much. I have pale skin. I was told that I would get nowhere in life when I was younger as I had ADD and learning difficulties and couldn’t concentrate. I would lead others astray as I hated conventional thinking and when someone told me that I had to do things the way they were always done, I would challenge them to do it a better way. I was constantly in trouble for being a smart arse and talking too much in class.

Now they are my greatest gifts in life.

I tell it the way it is. I have too much energy, which helps me work hard and also allows me to inspire others, as most people want more energy. Now I get told I have a good energy. They call it passion these days.

I can’t sit still for long periods. These days it’s called work ethic. I challenge the norm by showing people what is possible in their own lives as social convention is boring, sick and stressed. No one wants that.

Now people who challenge the norm are rewarded and called entrepreneurs or visionaries.

I used to get in trouble for talking and now I make a living out of it. A living that I enjoy and love.


  1. Do what you love and find your passions.

Never let anyone ever tell you that you should be something you’re not. Even if that someone is yourself!

You are worth so much more than that 🙂




Life gives us what we need to see our own greatness

At school I was consistently picked on for my red hair, pale skin, freckles and being over weight… So I went to the gym, got strong, lean, muscular and learned how to fight.

At school I was put in special classes for my learning difficulties, told I was dyslexic and had learning difficulties… So I spent almost every cent I earned learning from the best of the best in their chosen fields to make myself learn and grow so I could feel smart enough.

I was told I had to get good grades at school so I could get a good job. I failed almost every subject and was expelled from school. Feeling like a misfit and not good enough I started my own business, worked my arse off, became obsessed with proving my worth to world and built a million dollar business that continues to grow year after year.

At 21 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and told it was something I had to learn to live with and that I was condemned to a life of low energy. So I studied health and learned from the best in the world about how to restore my health and energy. Now I work 100 hour weeks and speak for up to 55 hours over 4 days at my live Thrive Time Event.

At 15 I wanted to end my life as I felt like I had no place and no hope in the world. Having found myself in a dark hole of depression I thought my life would be defined by the darkness in my mind until I learned that I controlled my mind and my life and that over time I could become the master of my mind and hence; the master of my reality.

On most school holidays (up until grade 11) I used to sit at home by myself watching TV as I felt like I didn’t fit in and struggled with friendships. All the other kids would hang out together while I rarely was asked to do anything apart from the occasional sympathy invite to a birthday party… So I learned the value of great people and friendships. Now I have friends all over the world including some of the worlds top achievers and an amazing Mojo community.

THE TRUTH IS, life gives us what we need in order to see our own greatness. For some they crumble under the thoughts of their own uniqueness and power while others embrace it.

Every human is born to be amazing yet most allow their past circumstances to dictate their future while others realise their past circumstances are just training for a greater future.

Never let your past define who you should be or who you can be.

Be the person you know you can be.

Be an example to others.

Show others that with clarity of thought, hard work, dedication and inspiration you can be the person you were born to be.

Never let anyone define who you are apart from you.


“It’s your time to thrive”

How to Break Free from Comfort Zone Trap

Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

You will only ever be worth what you believe yourself to be worth.

The belief and the emotional certainty of the belief always come before the reality.


Most people I meet tell me they want to live a wealthy life (financially, friendships, health, attitude etc.) yet have fears about judgement, betrayal, being hurt etc and worry frequently.

Their mind may be searching for wealth but their emotions are searching for comfort and safety.

No one ever created a wealthy life by living in their comfort zone.


Many times these people will step out of their comfort zone for small spells (usually to prove their worth to other) then fall back into the comfort trap.

This will only ever lead to an emotional roller coaster and self doubt as life results will be sporadic. For example, everything will seem like it is going great then it will fall apart and the person will hit rock bottom.


The fastest way out of this trap is to:

  1. Create a vision of the life you want
  2. See that vision daily
  3. Set achievable goals and look at them daily
  4. Create an amazing peer group that align with your goals and visions
  5. Be grateful for how far you have already come
  6. Love those who have hurt you even if they may not deserve your love.
  7. Watch for fakers. Fakers talk but never follow through with their actions as they are usually too happy living with their pain. They will drag you down eventually.
  8. Remember having money does not make someone wealthy. Be careful of those who always need to appear to be something as they are usually trying to fill a void. You may only be part of that void until the next shiny things comes along that grabs their attention.
  9. Love yourself
  10. Create your dreams. Stop living life for everyone else (what your parents wanted you to be, or your teachers, partner, friends etc.) it’s your life.

“It’s your time to thrive”


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Change Your Mind; Change Your Health

All HEALTH starts in the mind and is transferred to the body both neuro chemically and neuro electrically.

If you have a have an unhealthy mind creating unhealthy emotions then no amount of organic, vegan food will save you until you change your mind.


Have you ever WONDERED why someone can smoke until they are 100 years of age and still look healthy and prosper? Yet a person who exercises daily and eats all organic can die at 35 from a lifestyle related DIS-EASE?

Change your mind, change your emotions.
Change your mind, change your life.


Have you ever WONDERED why some people who STRESS about their health, and everything that goes in their mouth, can look severely unhealthy?

Change your mind, change your emotions.
Change your mind, change your life.


All health starts in the mind and all emotions start with a thought until they become a HABIT.


For most people the idea of working on their mind seems almost crazy yet they will WASTE MONEY on drugs, alcohols, pharmaceuticals, TV subscriptions etc trying to escape from their internal thoughts and emotional feelings.

For most, the idea that they are in CONTROL of their mind which creates the chemical compounds (hormones) that flood the body to produce feelings or emotions scares the SHIT out of them! For lasting change they have to have some form of self-responsibility in order to change the way they feel and break their chemical ADDICTIONS to those emotions.


For some the idea of spending thousands on protein powders, gym gear, gym memberships, Lycra etc is a lot easier than trying to change their mind. Yet don’t most people say that they are trying to “FEEL GOOD” by going to the gym? Isn’t “feeling good” an emotional state which is created by the mind?

Why spend all that EFFORT and energy trying to change the inside (thoughts and feelings) from the outside (by going to the gym, exercising or buying things)?


Life is an emotional game.
Emotions are a creation of perceptions,
And perceptions are a combination of our thoughts.

Change your mind,
Change your life.


For most, the MIND is an UNDERVALUED and under appreciated growth area in a person’s life YET it is the most important area of any person’s life as it creates our feelings and perceptions and, our feelings and perceptions are what we call our LIFE!

How to ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mentality

Are you one of those all or nothing people?

I used to be until I found out my all or nothing mentality caused me to self-sabotage and self-destruct.

Here is why…

The all or nothing mentality is usually confined to those with high expectations in life.

This means one of two things.

They usually only do things that are working 100%. For example, these types of people will start a new gym training or exercise regime on Monday morning after they spent all day Sunday buying new exercise clothes, buying fresh food, reading health articles, preparing their food for the week and making sure everything is perfect for their new journey to great health.

Everything will work well for a few days until the first slip up. This will then cause a barrage of self-sabotaging behaviours that will be justified as starting fresh tomorrow or next Monday. This will continue to happen until….

They lower their expectations with a justification that nothing ever seems to work or everything is too hard. They begin to give all self-power, self-control and self-responsibility away. They then begin to justify that whatever happens in life they are just a victim of circumstance which they have no influence or control over.

The all or nothing mentality is one of the fastest ways to achieve nothing or even if you do achieve something it will be unfulfilling.


It’s important to understand that challenges always occur on the journey to greater success and that lasting achievement happens when a person understands that slip ups and mistakes are inevitable.

By being someone who makes a mistake then takes responsibility for their mistake by learning from them and continuing on their journey, leads to the creation on new habits. It’s those habits that create lasting results.


Master your mind, master your life


How to improve your health this spring

For most people, spring is the time where they look in the mirror and think……

“Oh S#$t!

What happened over winter!”

Their clothes don’t fit the same, and taking off their winter woollies reveals their bad health habits over winter and have resulted in an unhealthy winter body with extra padding.


Although physical appearance is something that causes most people to begin to think about their health, many only start taking their physical health seriously when diagnosed with some form of physical ailment or dis-ease.


For most, pain is their motivator. 


It could be the pain of being judged by others, the fear of not feeling good enough or being happy within.

It may even be the fear of death from a disease or loss of normal function.


What most people don’t understand is that if you use pain as your motivator then as you start to improve your health the pain will decrease and hence so will the motivation.

Due to the decrease in pain, a person motivated by pain will slowly begin to make decisions that self sabotage their health journey. This will eventually lead to that person going back to their old habits in which the pain will increase again.


It will be a continuous circle of the pain of poor health or poor results followed by starting a new journey to improving health. As their health starts to improve they begin to self-sabotage again. It is a merry–go-round of new health kicks, diets, exercise plans and health coaches yet the journey continually ends in the same place of feeling guilty, angry and defeated.


This is why I recommended to anyone who wants to improve their health that until they change the way they think they will never truly master long sustaining health habits. Usually the mind is the most undertrained and underprepared part of a person’s health journey yet is the number reason why most people fail to achieve lasting results.


The average person will spend money on a personal trainer, a gym membership, buy over priced supplements, organic food, over priced clothing and shoes to look the part yet spend $0 on their quest to master their mind which is the common link between all their past failures in gaining lasting health results.


For most people, their past and learned behaviours control the way they think, which is why they usually end up in the situation they are in.

Unless a person is prepared to work on their mind and value it over physical results then most will just continue to repeat past patterns over and over again which leaves them feeling disempowered with low self worth and a lack of self belief.


So this spring, try something new!


Forget clearing your cupboards and buying the latest supplements and exercise equipment from late night tv. Focus on mastering your mind.


Master your mind and you’ll master your life.