Results or excuses.. which do you choose?

I couldn’t believe it

I received an email with one of the funniest excuses I have ever heard.

Here’s the story….

In 2015 we were running a free event.

Only a few days before hand I was telling a friend about it and he mentioned he was keen to come to the event yet the email I received a few days later said “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford it”.

I thought……….. well I can’t tell you exactly what I was thinking as there are too many expletives.

But I was amazed that my friend spent hours complaining about his problems and I gave him a very simple solution which was FREE! The event was free and even then he still made excuses!

It made me wonder………..

Why do we make excuses?

Especially when solutions are easy to find or right in front of our face.

Eventually I realised that excuses are a way to justify to ourselves why we don’t follow through on our commitments due to the fear of our own self-judgment.

We use excuses to stop us from criticizing ourselves and making it easier in the moment to deal with. The truth is most other people don’t care about our excuses just like we usually don’t care about the excuses from others.

It made me realise

“In life we have results or we have excuses.” Rarely do we have both.

Excuses can be one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving greater financial success. It may also be one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving fulfillment in life.

A fast way to break through excuses is to write down the common excuses you use to stop yourself from following through on commitments as this will make you more aware when you use them.

Then you can make more rational and powerful decisions that are empowering for your future and not allow excuses to ruin your future, self worth and happiness.

How to stay strong in the moments that define us

No one ever wants to hit rock bottom but there is a hidden gift in all that pain.


The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that those who get back up have incredible strength and courage. They stop giving a f&$k about what everyone thinks and want them to be and they lead the way doing what ever it takes to create an amazing life.


Why does hitting rock bottom destroy some and creates inspirations out of others?


There are three choices when you hit rock bottom.

  1. Start the climb, back up
  2. Stay down
  3. Dig a bigger hole


We all hit rock bottom at some point and for many it may happen a few times (or more frequently if you don’t learn from or become empowered by your mistakes).


The key is to take this opportunity to become a stronger, wiser, more accepting and greater version of yourself. This can never happen where there is blame, anger, hatred and dis-empowerment. That’s why hitting rock bottom will either make or break most.


How you overcome life’s obstacles will determine your character, so stay empowered and stay on track as at the end of your life you will either be an inspiration to others or you will be a valuable warning.


So next time you feel yourself bottoming out… instead of giving in to despair, ask yourself if this experience might just be the making of you?

How to obliterate the excuses that limit YOUR results

EXCUSES are stories we tell ourselves to stay comfortable with our INDECISIONS and lack of clarity or FEAR of change (the Unknown).


EXCUSES are always relative to the individual goals, missions and life purpose and will tell you a lot about their mindset and how big and how clear their goals are.

A person may have an excuse that they are sick and miss work, YET they may go to the gym when sick. This just shows that they are unclear on their life values.

Another may make an excuse that they are too busy to follow through on their pre-arranged commitments YET when they have a chance to win a million dollars they change their plans and aren’t so busy.


All excuses are relative to a person’s dreams, goals, mission, life purpose, fears and habits. Without clarity on these areas, a person’s life will be full of BULLS&&T excuses that keep them trapped in the pain of not achieving the success, fulfillment and happiness they want.


EXCUSES work like a parasite eating away at a person’s dreams, goals and self-worth.


They always seem legitimate to the EXCUSE HOLDER and are often justified to avoid self-judgement and the judgement of others.

By the time most excuse holders realised that they consistently make and justify excuses, they have little to no SELF WORTH to make any changes as fear, regret and resentment kick in.


Excuses only serve to protect us from our judgements of self for not stepping up and having the courage to do what we know we are capable of.


At any moment a person is:

1.) Making excuses and justifications


2.) taking action and moving towards their goals, mission and vision while living their true values.


In life, you have either excuses or results. What do you choose?


Go and do what you know you are truly capable of doing.


If you can dream it and you continue to think about it, you are born to pursue it.


It’s your time to THRIVE!



Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

So if I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone feeling trapped or stressed by money, it would be…

“Don’t go broke trying to look RICH.”


That’s how the rich get richer and the broke get even deeper into debt.


Billions of dollars exchange hands every day as OUT OF CONTROL consumers, that can’t afford to save money nor invest, waste the little money they have or worse, buy on CREDIT, just to try to look like they have money.

Wasting money on sh$t that you can’t afford (especially when you have minimal savings and don’t invest in your future) is the DRUG OF THE MASSES and will keep most living week-to-week or struggling financially.


Being FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT is hard, as you have to control your emotions and not get excited to spend especially until you save, invest and have a structured routine around money (even when you have none).


WEALTH CREATION is a mental and emotional game and those who cannot control their mind or those who cannot control their emotions will struggle to get ahead financially, especially if they:

  • have low self-worth,
  • worry what others think


  • feel lost most of the time,

as they will spend what they don’t have TRYING TO LOOK RICH or TRYING TO BE HAPPY.


It’s all superficial and will not last.

Making the person who is mentally and emotionally lost searching again to spend more hoping that happiness and worth come from buying more stuff.





Master your mind and emotions and

Master your money!

Why living your purpose is essential for wealth creation

Do you love what you do? Or do you spend the money you make, trying to feel free?

I have met and personally coached many financially wealthy people but I AM YET TO MEET anyone who is FINANCIALLY FREE.

Here are a few differences I have noticed with those who are financially abundant versus those who struggle or live week to week:

  • Those who do what they love by living their values, life mission and life purpose love what they do, hence they don’t try to avoid hard work. In fact they crave it. They love it.
  • The bigger the person’s goals, mission and purpose the more responsibilities they have which also keeps them trapped.
  • Only people who live incongruently with their own individual values want to escape challenge and crave freedom.
  • Most of those who live incongruently with their values believe that money will change their life and allow them to stop feeling trapped or stuck. Those with money know that the more you make, the responsibilities you have and things only become more challenging.

The feeling of freedom comes from living your own unique values.

Money is not good or evil. It is just a transfer of agreed value. The price of money is the same as that on the bill or coin, but the idea of how much that is worth is different to each individual ($1000 is a lot of money to some but not to everyone).

The more money a person makes the higher their expectation and the more they tend to spend (In most cases).

Money does not solve problems. It is an amplifier.

  • If a person does not manage a little bit of money well, chances are they will not manage large sums of money well.
  • If a person is irresponsible with a little money, they will be irresponsible with large sums of money.
  • If a person spends what little money they have, chances are they will spend large sums of money and end up with nothing.

Money needs to be created, managed and distributed in order to become financially independent. This starts by learning how to do it with small amounts first, which will increase over time.

If you plan to spend your life creating wealth, it is essential to love what you do or you will spend your time trying to escape by spending what you earn.

GET CLEAR WITH YOUR LIFE and money will amplify your experience.

“It’s your time to thrive”

Break free from the craziness to find purpose and clarity!

MOST PEOPLE value their house, car, bank accounts and what other people think of them more than they value themselves.

MOST PEOPLE think that their most valuable assets are their house, their business or investments…

Try having shit emotions and a poor, irrational, erratic mindset and think about where you really live.

Most people spend more time living in their mind and emotional states, way more than they spend living in their house, car or business.

Yet MOST PEOPLE would prefer to look like they have their shit together by having a nice house, a nice car, a good job, designer clothes and a big TV than investing the time and money actually getting their shit together and creating the life they really want, while learning skills to master their mental and emotional states.
Chasing the fantasy of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations (at the expense of their own).

This only leads to a life of escapism where
• DRUGS (both medical and recreational),
becomes the daily priority of life.

MOST PEOPLE want to be FREE from their irrational, erratic mind and emotions yet their addictions to the above DISTORT their ability to clearly perceive that the quality of a persons life is not based on how successful they look or how happy they look on the outside but the quality of a person’s life is based on the balance and clarity in their thoughts and the balance of their emotional states.

The more HIGHS a person craves and experiences emotionally the more they will be THROWN into a low cycle emotionally.

The more a person is UNCLEAR on their purpose,
values and
mission in life,
the more a person will set goals chasing the idea of a FANTASY that a goal will satisfy their mental and emotional needs, which is never long lived.

The only way a person will ever master their life is when they master their mind and consistently work on maintaining a balance in their emotional states.

This isn’t hard to do.

It just takes persistence, courage and a new paradigm in living life. Not the bullshit that is sold to the masses that most people are trying to live out (which they will never be able to live out as it’s a fantasy). When you compare yourself to others and try to live up to the expectation of others it’s becomes hard to see the delusion, especially when most others are living in the same delusion.

Set yourself free and get clear on
• Your unique life purpose,
• Your true values, (not social idealisms like honour, respect, truth etc)
• Your life mission, and
• Learn to balance your emotions.


Set goals that align with the above.



Push beyond the comfort zone

The reason why most people don’t have what they want is that they value comfort and others peoples opinions over their dreams.

To follow your dreams and create the life you desire you must get uncomfortable.

Even changes for the better can be uncomfortable at first.

It is scary to start a business.

It is hard to get out of bed in the morning and exercise.

It is not easy to give up eating shit food that is quick and easy, as you now have to prepare your meals.

It’s hard building a worthwhile relationship with a person with the opposite energy and thinking as yours, as you wont always agree.

It’s hard to stand tall, as youre an easy target for judgment and criticisms.

You can give up on your dreams and passions like most of the worlds population AND

  • Drug yourself with the drama of others through TV or shitty relationships.
  • Use recreational drugs to numb the pain and thoughts of what you could be.
  • Drink away the thoughts of your passions with alcohol.
  • Create so much pain and misery through your inner emotions and thoughts that you develop diseases that will be drugged with a lifetime of medical prescriptions and treatments.
  • Judge and criticise those out there in the world kicking arse and living their dreams as it protects you for a split second of not feeling like enough.
  • You can waste all of your hard earned money trying to feel worthy by buying crap you don’t need as it makes you feel significant for a split second before someone buys something better than you have. In which you need to spend next weeks pay to buy something better again.

OR YOU CAN find pleasure in pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone AND:

  • Figure out what your purpose is in life.
  • Follow your dreams and passions.
  • Set goals.
  • Love those around you who lift you up by challenging your thinking,
    instead of supporting your bad habits and attitudes.
  • Fight for a cause worth fighting for.
  • Stand tall when the small try to kick you down.
  • BREAK FREE from the past and create a life worth living that you are proud of!


How to deal with emotional pain

All emotions are cyclical.

You cannot experience love without also experiencing fear,

You cannot experience peace without at the same time creating a war,

You cannot experience joy if you have never experienced pain

And you cannot experience a high without plunging back into a low.

Searching for just a “positive” life with only “positive” experiences will cause many to live in pain.

Once a person understands that everything has to remain in balance or equilibrium, the less pain a person will have as they will lose the desire for an only a positive (pleasurable) life an realise that both have to exist for our individual growth.

If everything were only positive then no one would grow and if a person does not learn the lesson of life they will keep repeating the lesson and feel stuck or trapped.

The fastest way to grow is to appreciate the lesson that pain brings, as pain is our greatest teacher.


Pain creates growth. If you do not learn from your pain then you will live in pain.

There is no positive without negative, so do not indulge in positive thinking or positive psychology. To others, you may appear more positive, but this will leave you miserable, guilty and judgemental in private.

If you believe life should be easy and happy you will live with pain. As you continue to try and reject pain in order to believe that a (fairytale) life, full of only happiness and ease exists.

All emotions are cyclical (bipolar), like the weather. They are always in a state of transition back to harmony, which is experiencing both “good and bad” (growth).

The easiest way to deal with your emotional cycles is to know your life mission, purpose, life goals and have a life map. Then you will understand how your emotions and your pain serve your life mission.

Your old excuses and stories are why you fail

We all have them. It’s just that most people are unaware that their old excuses and old stories control their current decisions, which is why their future will end up nothing greater than their past.

That is why so many people are predictable. They have the same predictable problems, the same predictable pains, the same predictable fears and the SAME PREDICTABLE LIFE.

You cannot change the past, but you can change your future by the decisions you make now.

It won’t feel comfortable for those living a ‘merry go round life’ because all change is UNFAMILIAR which is uncomfortable. But with clear goals, a clear vision, a clear mission and an empowered support structure you are guaranteed to create a new future based on the above, instead of the same old future with the same old decisions that lead to the same pain, stressors, frustrations, and results.

Remember change isn’t uncomfortable, it is unfamiliar.

Comfort is the same stuff, same life, no change which is really mental, emotional, metaphysical and eventually physical death.

The only reason I keep achieving and succeeding is that I say “I can” when others say “I CAN’T”.

“I can’t” is what someone says when they are defeated.

It is NEVER a situation that defeats a person.

It’s the person who defeats themselves, by giving up on the situation.

Failure is inevitable. Losing is part of part of winning.

But being defeated is always up to the individual.




  • There have many poor kids who became rich kids.
  • There have been lost souls who have found themselves on the journey of life,
  • There have been many who were taught how to hate, who learned how to love


  • There have been many who were visionless, who become visionaries…


Haters gonna hate. What about you?

Weak-minded people hate those who have what they want.

The weak minded will complain, bitch, moan and find problems with whatever achievers do. They will judge, blame and even find other weak minded individuals and form a group to give them the impression they are strong and right.

If only the weak minded spent less time finding problems and spent more time figuring out what works.

If only the weak minded realised that circumstances never create a future and luck does not play a part. If they only they’d realise that hard work, a strong mind and great teams create success, then they too may have the life of an achiever.

If they swapped blaming and complaining for celebrations and gratitude,

And spent less time justifying why they do not have what they want in life for good questions and a fierce curiosity to find answers…

They too could be an achiever and not just a hater.

If they only learned to love themselves, then they too may look within to grow, learn and be the best they can be, instead of throwing the hate they have for themselves onto others, just so that others can experience the pain they have within.

To all of the haters.

You hate yourself not anyone else.
Your judgements are a reflection of you, not others.
Your behaviours are a reflection of your thoughts.

The empowering thing here is that you control your thoughts, just as you control your actions and you also control your life. YOU and only YOU can change it. But all change starts within. It takes balls to decide to make your life greater than you currently live it and many of you will not have the balls to change. But that is your choice too.

Don’t hate the achievers. For the achievers do not care what you think. They are more worried about doing something else great. They are more worried about their friendships, their health, their own thoughts and emotions, not yours.

I once was a hater but now I’m an achiever.  What about you?



“It’s your time to THRIVE”

The Mojo Master